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Sessions To Lead Trump Admin’s Expected Marijuana Crackdown 07/25/2017
You still cannot vape on US inbound, outbound flights 07/25/2017
UK health body: Don’t treat vaping like smoking 07/20/2017
How the tobacco and vaping industries responded to the government's new tobacco control plan 07/20/2017
Philip Morris On A Downhill Slope 07/19/2017
VAPE AWAY Major smoking crackdown launched as Government urges millions to switch to e-cigarettes 07/19/2017
Big Tobacco has been waging a secret campaign to undermine a global anti-smoking pact 07/17/2017
Wrigley going after e-cig company in trademark suit 07/17/2017
Vaporizer industry takes a page from Apple's book 07/13/2017
Florida Medical Dispensaries Are Getting Around the State’s “Vape-Only” Regulations 07/13/2017
Vaping: Another Hot Cannabis Consumption Method 07/11/2017
Legislators still attack vaping, even as evidence of its benefits mounts 07/11/2017
Why Teens Are Smoking Less, In Their Own Words 07/06/2017
Man dead after vaping fentanyl 07/06/2017
Heated-tobacco tax threat 06/28/2017
San Francisco moves to ban sales of vaping flavors, menthol cigarettes 06/23/2017
San Francisco to ban sales of vaping flavored liquid 06/22/2017
Game Changer | Why Canada’s Top Anti-Tobacco Group Embraces Vaping 06/22/2017
PMI investing in Russia 06/19/2017
Smoking rate in UK falls to second-lowest in Europe 06/19/2017
Don't exempt e-cigarette products from FDA or tobacco standards 06/09/2017
Is vaping sticky enough? And how can we tell? 06/09/2017
The war on e-cigs is now national 06/07/2017
E-cigarettes and other Next Generation Products 06/07/2017
'Heat-not-burn' cigarettes still release cancer-causing chemicals 06/07/2017
Vapor from novel tobacco hybrid device minimally impacts human cells 06/05/2017
Australia contradicts itself on vaping ban while Dems pressure new FDA chief 06/04/2017
Here's Why the Worst Might Be Yet to Come for Philip Morris International 06/04/2017
Air Sampling confirms secondhand vapor is harmless 05/31/2017
E-cigarettes 97% safer than smoking according to new study 05/31/2017
BAT's Glo Roll-Out in Japan Sets Up Three-Way War for Smokers 05/31/2017
Japan Tobacco plans to quadruple smokeless tobacco output capacity by 2018: CEO 05/31/2017
Gottlieb Tells Congress FDA Will Base E-Cig Regulations on Science 05/31/2017
Promote Health by Not Defending the E-Cigarette Ban 05/17/2017
Vape Friendly FDA Commissioner Confirmed 05/15/2017
Big Tobaccos - Are they finally on their Suicide Missions? 05/08/2017
E-cigarette firm hit with $55,000 fine 05/06/2017
Imperial turns to caffeine as cigarette laws tighten and smokers quit the habit 05/06/2017
Lawmakers push to roll back Obama-era e-cigarette regulations 04/28/2017
He Signed! Czech Republic Officially Adopts Smoking Ban 04/28/2017
Czech Prez Signs Off On Anti-Smoking Law Offers Opportunity For Vapor Product Businesses 04/28/2017
E-cigarette industry gains allies in regulation fight 04/27/2017
U.S. House bill would exempt e-cigarettes from tobacco regulations 04/26/2017
Trump pleases e-cigarette users by firing anti-vaping Surgeon General Vivek Murthy 04/25/2017
Czech Prez Signs Off On Anti-Smoking Law Offers Opportunity For Vapor Product Businesses 04/21/2017
E-cigarette critics get research dollars from industry competitors 04/11/2017
Is vaping harmful, does it damage your lungs, are e-cigarettes safer than normal tobacco and what are the new laws? 04/11/2017
Hong Kong government’s stance on tobacco health warnings goes against WHO guidelines 04/11/2017
Fumer coûte bien plus que ce que rapporte une taxe, alors pourquoi le gouvernement décourage-t-il le meilleur moyen d'arrêter? 04/11/2017
Washington state readies for federal marijuana crackdown 04/11/2017
E-cigarette maker refuses to accept returns on unsold products, wholesaler claims 04/05/2017
Health officials, e-cig advocates discuss industry shift 04/04/2017
House Committee Changes, Advances Vaping Regulations Bill 03/31/2017
The 3 Best E-Cigarette Stocks to Buy in 2017 03/31/2017
Global E-Cigarette Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 03/30/2017
From Bad To Worse: Big Tobacco is On Its Way to Cornering the E-Cigarette Industry 03/30/2017
Nicotine e-cigarettes to be legalised in New Zealand 03/30/2017
Will NC raise the smoking age to 21? The only doctor in the state House wants the change 03/27/2017
Revealed: The UK cities endorsing e-cigarettes as 1 person switches to vaping every 4 minutes 03/27/2017
ATR Urges HHS Secretary Tom Price to Provide Regulatory Relief to Emerging Vapor Market 03/24/2017
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